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Seahorse Cases
Seahorse Case Authorized Dealer - Seahorse, Designed to Keep your Valuables Safe

Seahorse cases offer a sturdy and heavy duty design that allows you to keep a wide variety of valuable equipment safe from the most extreme of conditions. In addition, the Seahorse case is watertight, airtight, dustproof and crush resistant, making them the ideal case for camera equipment, video equipment, firearms, tools, medical equipment, electronics, important documents, communication equipment, etc. The list of its uses could truly go on and on. These great Seahorse cases can be found just about anywhere around the globe in the hands of law enforcement, firefighters, military, medical personnel and even outdoor enthusiasts and hobby fanatics.

Seahorse Case - Protect Valuables Under Any Condition

The Seahorse case is built to exceed the strictest of standards outlined by the military. Due to their lightweight strength, durability and ability to handle the toughest of assignments, any and all cases from Seahorse come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Should the case or any component part break, Seahorse will replace it absolutely free of charge. Cases by Masco is a US and worldwide authorized dealer of Seahorse cases. As a Seahorse products dealer, Cases by Masco has the ability to offer you more products at extremely competitive pricing!

Case Size Chart
Case Outside Inside Case Weight Case Weight
Length Width Depth Length Width Depth Empty With Foam
SE-120 8.79" 7.50" 3.95" 7.64" 5.03" 3.23" 1.50 lbs. 1.50 lbs.
SE-300 10.87" 9.80" 4.90" 9.30" 7.10" 4.10" 2.60 lbs. 2.80 lbs.
SE-520 14.95" 12.20" 6.85" 13.49" 9.78" 6.00" 4.60 lbs. 5.10 lbs.
SE-540 14.84" 12.13" 9.55" 13.52" 9.78" 8.75" 5.70 lbs. 6.50 lbs.
SE-710 20.19" 15.53" 5.41" 18.29" 13.19" 4.57" 6.30 lbs. 7.00 lbs.
SE-710CC 20.19" 15.53" 5.41" 18.29" 13.19" 4.57" N/A 10.90 lbs.
SE-720 20.19" 15.53" 7.48" 18.29" 13.19" 6.62" 7.20 lbs. 8.60 lbs.
SE-720CC 20.19" 15.53" 7.48" 18.29" 13.19" 6.62" N/A 13.20 lbs.
SE-920 24.20" 16.00" 10.10" 22.24" 13.66" 8.49" 12.10 lbs. 14.00 lbs.
SE-1220 28.17" 22.27" 15.10" 25.52" 19.50" 13.08" 24.70 lbs. 29.20 lbs.
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About This Page: Seahorse cases – Cases by Masco is proud to be an authorized dealer of the Seahorse case. We offer a huge variety of Seahorse cases and Seahorse products at extremely competitive prices.